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April 10, 2007

Developers developers.

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Recently, I’ve become more of a nature nut. I’m not quite all the way crunchy, but watching nature documentaries (the ones created by SIR David Attenborough are the best, by the way) as I have really gives you an appreciation and an awe for the animals and plants that enrich our lives by feeding us and cleaning the air, among other things.

But enough of that queer shit.

Near my house is a protected wildlife area that is home to coyotes, snakes, kangaroo rats, crazy big ants. I have started hiking the trails with my parents and have been disturbed by the signs popping up signalling that certain parcels of the land have been set aside as private property and most likely will be developed. Some houses have already been built there and they haven’t been selling, what with this “housing meltdown” whatever that means. But seeing those houses and the newly private property started making me mad. Mad at the type of people who thump their chests and say “We HAVE to build so people have homes to live in and all you treehuggers want to do is protect a bunch of kangaroo rats instead of the needs of your fellow human beings!”

Now, I’m not a crunchy hemp wearing hippie, but, actually, yes, I do think “rats” or any other native organisms are more important than people, at least the people who don’t live within their means and insist on living in oversized, underutilized McMansions that are pretty much being abandoned and lying fallow. It’s pretty damn shortsighted to destroy the homes of all those plants and animals to make excessively large houses that end up empty. There needs to be a point when we ask “Is this really necessary?” when it comes to suburban sprawl.


April 7, 2007

I hate my goddamn neighbors

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I swear, I’m going to hospitalize them … all at once!

Of course, I say it so often, I should probably add it to my list of life goals (get a stable job, vacation in Europe, hurt the neighbors). But they are so trashy, it’s terrible. For as long as they’ve been there, they’ve had all kinds of things in their backyard, like old refrigerators, a van on blocks, and whatever junk you can think of. The dad has never been employed and spends his days acquiring even more junk. The mom is a whale of a woman and the children are dropout delinquents that just hang around making everyone nervous that they’re going to steal something. Who knows, maybe they have already?

Anyway, the mom or one of the kids’ terrible friends has a habit of sitting in car parked in the drive way and beeping on the horn until whoever gets out. Not once, not twice, but for like 15 minutes at a time, and this has been a habit that has driven me up the fucking wall.

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